Sunday, May 21, 2006

How many milestones can Iraq have?

All weekend long, I've been watching various news program's about the new Iraq Government. All the usual talking heads came up for air just long enough to say things are going to turn around now. How many milestones are going to come and go, be praised and then forgotten?

When the people in Iraq went to vote for Prime Minister, we were told, this was the needed step to stabilize the country. But instead the people of Iraq voted for someone Bush didn't like, so we quickly removed him from office as quietly as possible, and the country stayed the same. We were told forming a parliament would stabilize the country, but those have dissolved and reformed a number of times, and the country stayed the same. There is a long list of "this is the moment" type situations were everything is supposed to get better, but for some reason, things keep staying the same. Every day in Iraq the headlines are the same, roadside bombs, mass graves, car bombs, small arm retaliatory fire, execution victims, reprisal killings, and so on. When I was a child in school I was taught, you keep doing what your doing, you keep gettin what you got, and nowhere is this so painfully true as Iraq.

Just the way you want a new Cabinet to greeted.


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