Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I guess Christian murder is all good

I found this great article through http://crooksandliars.com/, and I really love how the religious right will condemn violent video games for their influence on America's youth, yet they will turn right around to develop an extremely violent video game were Christians get to kill non-believers. I think that the goals of the religious right are very much on display in this game.

I think they are starting to believe their own spin about video games. They say that violent video games are a direct cause for aggressive behavior from children, and that by stopping these games, our society will be a better place. However, I guess if the violence is directed at people who do not share the same belief system as these "moral" crusaders, then it is ok. When this game comes out late this year in time for Christmas, I wonder how many "moral" parents who deplore violent video games will run out to get this one for little Timmy.


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