Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I love meat

I really do love meat, but I feel so bad about it sometimes. I am so far removed from the process that takes a live animal and turns it into dinner on my table. I have been hunting before, and shot various animals, but never for survival and necessity, which is why my hunting experience is limited. I have no problem with hunting, as long as what is killed is eaten, but a part of me reverts to a childhood place and says, you can't kill Bambi. Even the fact that many more people worldwide could be fed if we went to a vegetarian diet doesn't give me enough reason to want to stop eating meat.

It is just to damn good, I admit it, I'm addicted and I got to have my burgers. No matter how much my brain tells me I should be a vegetarian, that same mind is what gives me my greasy burger cravings. I know I should give up meat for a laundry list of reasons, health, environment, animal compassion, etc... But I am not going to do it, I even had chicken for dinner in Wade Boggs honor. Seeing as I will never give up meat, and I would love to be able to, I am all in favor of growing meat in labs.

We can do it, and it would be much safer in my opinion than the way we crowd animals in the nastiest conditions possible. We eat modified and enhanced meat now, and manipulated fruits and vegetables as it is, so who cares if our meat is grown in a lab? As long as it tastes like the real thing, and I'm not talking veggie meat type stuff, I'm all good with it. It would not only satisfy my craving for meat, it would also void the moral implications of all the animals that die for my enjoyment of their flesh.


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