Monday, May 22, 2006

Insurgents fight Iraqi and U.S. forces to stalemate

Recently, and several times before, Cheney has said that the insurgency is in its last throws. Now if the insurgents are being beaten, and everyday we make "progress", then how is it possible our Coalition forces can be fought to an actual stalemate, and actually be losing ground to the insurgents? The Bush administration says this is not like Vietnam, as do many talking heads, but the longer we stay in Iraq, the more things start to look just like a place it is not. I read the following story I have posted below, and thought I had heard this tune before.

Coalition forces move in for a short amount of time and fight off a few attackers. The attackers, which are a wide range of people, locals, Al Queda, or various foreign fighters, play their hit and run games targeting our soldiers. After our soldiers hold the area for a bit, they then leave and return to base giving the place back to the people we are fighting. I for one would hate to be a civilian in that environment. Even if you want to help the Coalition forces, why would you when there is no protection after they leave? How safe could a city be if the Police only came by at scheduled times, and when they left, you weren't sure if they were going to come back or not. Who do you listen to, the once in a while security force, or the all day every day thug knocking on your door with an RPG?

I remember hearing something along the lines of "We control the day, Charlie owns the night" from the Vietnam War, if anyone knows the exact quote and from who, please let me know. But nothing has changed, different war, same situation. My real fear at this point, is if we don't bring Iraq under control, do we stay forever, or do we just pull out? If Iraq is not stable, and we pull out, will the world see us as a country who invades others, then when it's not politically popular anymore at home, we just leave the chaos behind? How could anyone ever trust us again after doing something like that. But then if we stay, how could we ever live with ourselves leaving our soldiers in a country of chaos that can never really be controlled?

We are going further into a never ending cycle that will get harder to escape the longer we stay, yet we cannot just leave. I wonder if we are just going to have to "burn the village to save it". Maybe this will all turn around though, my hopes are it does, but my fears are it will just get worse.


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