Saturday, May 20, 2006

Jesus was a liberal

The one thing that has always confused me about the religious right, was their dedication to a faith based on a man who was a liberal, while at the same time speaking things Jesus would never agree with or approve of. Jesus was a man who surrounded himself with the people society shunned and saw as essentially garbage. Many within the close circle of Jesus followers were people many in our country would walk right past trying to pretend not to see. These were the people that Jesus embraced with compassion and love, he choose not to ignore them as invisible, useless people.

The amount of intolerance that comes from those who claim to be speaking the word of Jesus, is just plain insanity to me. Those that the religious right are always so quick to condemn, are the very people Jesus would be living and associating with. I find it so odd that people can use a man's words of peace and love, and twist them to justify hatred and prejudice. Jesus today would be the first person in front of a march for immigrant rights, gay/lesbian rights, anti-war protests, anti-corporate globalization rallies, anti-seal/whale/any living creature killing in mass for the sheer pleasure of it type of activities. In short, Jesus would be a hippy for lack of a better word to describe him. All the things the religious right stands for are all the things that Jesus stood against.

I am not a religious person by any means, but I do understand the importance it plays in many peoples lives. The sheer presence of the religious right dominating every religious debate has become quite unnerving to me, but I do see things starting to change. Slowly the religious left is beginning to emerge as a political force, and I hope to see it grow. When a man from any time period speaks about peace, compassion, and tolerance, those words hold true for societies through all time. I think it has come time for the Democrats to show that the religious "right" is clearly "wrong" and do not have a monopoly on morality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jesus was a liberal and his life showed us that to have a heart to heal what is wrong in the world is the christian way to behave.

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