Friday, May 26, 2006

Rumsfeld on Larry King

I watched the interview with Donald Rumsfeld on Larry King last night, and I just had to comment on something he said. I may not get the quote exactly correct, but I will try to update with some more thoughts and the actual quotes later. The thing that struck me the most was when Larry King asked Donald Rumsfeld what he planned on doing after he was done with being Secretary of Defense. His response was a little chilling to me. He said he did not really think about that, as he is to busy right now with what he is doing to think any further ahead. That to me sounded good, we should have a Secretary of Defense completely saturated by his work in time of war. However, he followed it up with, he is just having to much "fun" right now to be thinking about anything else.

"Fun", are you serious? How cold a person could Donald Rumsfeld be? Maybe I just don't see the fun in killing thousands of people, bombing civilians, sending our you men and women to be killed/maimed/mentally destroyed in a war of choice. I think Donald Rumsfeld gave a brief and honest glimpse into who he really is. History is filled with those who reveled in war, and saw it as "fun". Those people are sociopaths. Maybe Donald Rumsfeld would not think waging war and causing the horrible deaths of so many for reasons that are beyond suspect if he was actually ever involved with the actual fighting. Leave it to a Secretary of a Cabinet in an administration filled with chicken hawks to equate waging war to having "fun".


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