Thursday, June 15, 2006

Did we reach a milestone, or is it just a number?

U.S. Troop losses in Iraq have now reached 2,500 service men and women with 18,490 wounded. Tony Snow said this is just a number, but is that really the case. While it may just be a number, is there more to it. Is there a psychological association between the loss of troops, and how we are doing in Iraq? Do we as Americans see this number and take it as just a number, or as it climbs higher, does the public begin to loss it support for this War?

Whatever the number means, the fact is, there are 2,500 families that will never have loved ones come home. Three years into the Iraq War, and there appears to be no visible progress in that country. Is it right to leave our soldiers in a place that in the foreseeable future will not improve? Do we bring our troops home now, and leave Iraq in a virtual civil war with no end in sight, or do we leave them in country, to rack up more casualties to prop up a country that may have no interest in being stabilized?

In every war there is a point when historians can look back and say, that is were the war was clearly turned in our favor, or that is the point were we had clearly lost the ability to achieve the goals set out. I am not sure were we are with Iraq right now, but it is starting to look like if the country stabilizes, it will be a hard line Islamic Republic basically taking the lead from Iran.

If we end up with Iraq becoming a hard line Islamic Republic, then do we still say our soldiers did not die in vain? Like Kerry said in Vietnam, how do you tell the last soldier who dies, he died for a mistake? I am not sure of the answers on this, as if we pull out now, all we have done is destroy another country without putting it back together. If we stay, will any improvement ever be made? Will the mission be accomplished, or will we stagnate deeper into a civil war that we just can't control, losing more troops to a cause that is not able to be accomplished?

2,500 is not just a number, it represents how many brave U.S. service men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country and their fellow citizens. Would these 2,500 who died want us to keep the troops there to finish what they started and make their loss mean something important, or would they rather see their buddies sent home to live out their lives before they are killed in a war that did not begin with truth? At what point is the sacrifice no longer worth the human loss? The only ones who can answer that question are gone now, but it is a question that must be addressed. Whatever we do in Iraq, when it is all done and over with, the ones who will carry the scars our the soldiers, not those who sit and debate it back home.


Blogger Lilith said...

2,500 is not just a number. Behind this number there are thousand of families broken for the pain of the loss. Really, I don´t know what is doing the US Army in Iraq. The US goverment has got his objetive: to control the natural recourses of Irak. And now what? No more innocent victims. No more blood for oil. No more Vietman. No more lies.
The iraquien deserve to live in peace without Sadam and without inversing armies. Please, don´t forget the iraquian victims. Day by day Iraq is bleeding.
I´m spanish and I was fell very proud of my goverment when the president announced the withdrawal of our troops. PEACE.
Sorry for my english. I only speak a little english.

1:41 PM  

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