Saturday, June 03, 2006

Elephants deserve to be treated properly

I wonder if any of the circus trainers would have liked being trained for their job with the use of chains, and sharp metal hooks. I'm not about to say I want animals, especially elephants, taken out of circus's completely, but one thing is for sure, the animals being made to perform are not being treated humanely. Why is it whenever it comes to animals, we seem to feel it is acceptable to treat them any way we see fit?

Hooks are not an acceptable way to train any animal. If you have to hurt the animal in any way to get it to do what you want, then you should get the picture, it's not meant to do what you are asking. I want to see a group of monkeys kidnap a circus trainer and beat him senseless to "train" him to do little monkey tricks. When he refuses to eat his own excrement, or pick and eat fleas off other monkeys, well see how much he likes being bit and scratched by angry screaming monkeys who want him to act a certain way.

I have had many animals in my life, and one thing I have learned from them, is they are all unique individual lives that have their own wants and needs. Some animals are natural performers, everything from birds to reptiles, to dogs. Other animals do not want to do anything but what they want at that particular moment. They are like us basically, some of us like to perform, others don't. No animal should be trained with force or coercion. If they want to play and do tricks, then so be it, put them in the circus.

but that does not mean take away everything it means to be the animal they are. There has to be a balance of doing the show, and being held in a wildlife type preserve with time to be the animals they are.

I am no expert, but I would see no reason why an animal that enjoys to perform could do a week or two of shows and then have three to five weeks in a preserve. If the animals are rotated enough, they can live long happy lives, and still perform. Obviously that is more money intensive than what they do now, and they would say that doing something of that nature would cost to much. We as a society need to decide, should our moral values towards animals be re-examined?


Blogger FleaCircusDirector said...

The Victorian flea trainer Bertolotto was accused of cruelty to animals (insects) and adjusted his act accordingly. This was referenced in one of his fliers with regards to the "Martin Act".


Ideally people would vote with their money and not visit performances that were cruel, unfortunately it's not always possible to tell but most UK circuses are happy to let the inspectors visit their shows. Perhaps a solution to the problem is to force circuses to open their animal areas to the public so people can see the animals up close before they buy tickets for the show?

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