Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nazi's want to disrupt the World Cup

I hate Nazi's. I really hate them. Any time I read any thing about Nazi's, I just think to myself, man I just really hate these people. I hope that they are able to keep the World Cup safe for everyone, as how crazy would it be to have Nazi's put a damper on the festivities. Germany really needs to do something to curb the rise of extremists in that part of the world, as their 20th century resume is not to positive.

I am not sure of what the solution to this would be, but maybe we could take all the seal clubbers in Canada and give them a new purpose. How cool would it be to send a bunch of Canadian seal clubbers to Germany to club the Nazi's? We could solve two problems at once. The seals in Canada would not be clubbed, and we could watch cameras follow Canadians beating down Nazi's for sport. I would buy that on pay per view.


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