Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So Bush went to Iraq

I guess Bush or his handlers still think these photo op "surprise" visits help the President's image. I however, just see these stunts as further proof, everything, and I mean everything they are saying about Iraq is a flat out lie. On the surface, they may seem like nothing more than Bush making a quick, and lets not forget, brave, trip to meet Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Yes I admit I had to cut and paste his name. Anyway, this quick "junket" is the window into a murky reality of both Bush and Iraq that raises many questions.

If Iraq is a sovereign nation, does Bush feel he now has the right, and is so welcome by other "sovereign" nations, he can just pop in like Erkle from next door? I guess the common courtesy of giving a bit of notice is no longer needed. Now if Bush has to quick like sneak in and out, does that mean the country is not quite as stable as they want us to believe? What is the real story here? Do we run the country, or is it a sovereign nation? Does the Iraqi elected Prime Minister have such little power, he does not need to be notified when foreign aircraft fly over his country? If Bush has such confidence in the progress of the situation in Iraq, why didn't he spend the night?

All I know for sure is, when Bush went to Iraq this time, all I could think of was the arrogance this man has. You would never see Bush just "drop" in on Putin. Which speaking of Putin, Bush looked him in the eyes as well, and you can see how that gut feeling went for Bush. The lies out of our current leadership continue to grow and fester, and at some point, they are going to catch up with Bush. I only hope in the interest of all involved, this country finds a way to quickly deal with the leadership problem that we are exporting world wide.

Here is a little historical image from another trip in June some 66 years ago.


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