Sunday, June 18, 2006

So why was Iraq a bigger threat then North Korea?

Whether or not North Korea is going to test a long range missile that can hit the U.S. mainland at this point really makes no difference to me. I am just so angered by the entire North Korean problem, that not much else could make me feel any madder.

There was a time many years ago when Bush was speaking about the dangers of nukes and WMD's. He spoke about rogue nations and the threat of them spreading these weapons to terrorist organizations around the world who wished to harm Americans. We were told that this threat must be dealt with, we now lived in a post 9/11 world and if we don't act now, another 9/11 even worse could befall us.

So flight suit Bush with cod piece and all took to the safety of his secured fortified bunker complete with maps that were decorated with toy armies, and plans began to take shape. This was good because in another region of the realm, the evil, but comical "Dear" leader was starving his people to keep a secret underground lab to build diabolical weapons of evil.

The "Dear" leader was not without humor though, as he did have the largest Daffy Duck collection in the world, or some weird thing like that. Anyway, the "Dear" leader back in his lab was making sure evil would be done, even if it meant engineering "sharks with frikkin laser beams on their heads".

So, it was good that flight suit Bush was putting plans together. Until he unveiled the plans, and they called not for a civilized, sane approach to deal with "Dear" leader, but a completely un-civilized, insane approach to deal with some other madman who was not an actual threat to the U.S.

So now, many years later, we catch up to the story in progress, and "Dear" leader, has nukes. He has WMD's of all kinds. He now wants to test or not test rockets that can hit the U.S. Should I be angry about this? Does this seem completely insane, or am I just missing something? Either way, this doesn't make me any angrier, like I said, I am already beyond that point on this subject.


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