Sunday, July 09, 2006

Just what we need, Nazi's in the U.S. armed forces

So now our armed forces have lowered the bar for entry so low, Neo-Nazis are joining up in force. That's just what we need, another radical group of nut jobs being trained by the U.S. military so they can later come back and use that training to do harm to America.

What the hell is going on with this? The fact that Nazi's can get into the U.S. military is a slap in the face to every G.I. who fought in Europe. These people are atrocious, and now the American people are paying with their tax dollars, for these losers to train and learn the best way to bring us harm.

I feel so bad for some kid who is in the middle of Iraq having to deal with all that crap, only to also have to be stuck with some Neo-Nazi piece of garbage adding to the misery. A few years ago, many generals spoke of the military being stretched to a breaking point, and that it will break. I guess this is one more confirmation, Bush has truly broken our military.


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