Saturday, April 22, 2006

What is all this about!!

So... my name is Ernie... soon you'll meet my friend Bert... and we are true revolutionaries... We sit down for you today in order to share our ideas for a better world... A world without crazy right wing zeolots bent on religious domination and capitalistic greed... A world where we are not afraid of what our government will do... So... as I begin this jouney I figured I'd start with pointing out a great essay by one of the best. Read Billmon. You just should!

But my thought exercise – What if we started a nuclear war and everybody pretended not to notice? – is still useful, if only as a reminder of how easy it can be to lead gullible people down a path that ends in a place no sane human being would ever want to go. A nation that can live with the idea of launching a nuclear first strike isn’t likely to have much trouble with the rest of the program – particularly when its people, like their leader, are convinced they’ve been chosen to save the world.


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