Friday, June 09, 2006

Loose Change

This is for my conspiracy theory minded friends. This video is called Loose Change and is long and thorough. I'm not sure if I believe all of this. It's just to crazy to think that one American can do this to another. Frankly, I don't want to believe all of this. The videos main website is at here: Loose Change. Also, check out Scholars for 9/11 Truth.



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Terrorist Plot to Bomb Abortion Clinic is Stopped

Via MSNBC. A right-wing anti-abortion terrorist is apprehended. He planned to pipe bomb a clinic and then storm the place with a handgun to kill abortion doctors.

How much do you want to bet that he isn't charged with being a terrorist? Notice how there is not one mention in the article about him being a terrorist, or potentially being charged with terrorist related crime- even though he most clearly is. Afterall, he planned to use a bomb and commit murder to support a religious based ideology. Basically, he is a supporter of a Christian version of Al Queda.

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So What Happened Yesterday?

Yesterday, the markets started off with a big slide down. Then, at about noon, it rocketed up to save the day. What happened? Bill Cara, the stock investigator, the guru of the markets, has the clues.
What happened today (Thursday, June 8, 2006) in my view was that, at 5 minutes to 12 noon, a programmed computer trading system issued instructions to sell bonds and buy stocks. An hour later there was a reverse order and five minutes later the order was again to sell bonds and buy stocks.

The dollars were huge, obviously in the billions.

So, who triggered the buying? As Bill finds out- it was Warren Buffett. Maybe not him exactly, or maybe it was just him. Maybe it was fund managers going to the man who could show them a thing or two about investing. Follow the leader as they say.
But the truth could be that Berkshire-Hathaway just happens to be the safest port in a storm for fund managers who are compelled to stay long in equities. If you can'’t go directly to cash, then what'’s wrong with the strategy of parking your portfolio with Warren for a while?

Billmon: You Funny Guy

Friday Funnies

I saw this picture on some myspace page and had to share it with everyone. I couldn't stop laughing. Imagine the nightmares this kid is gonna have. He'll be scared of birds for the rest of his life.

added: or, at least scared of bird shit!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The International Bear Market of 2006

We are in a market filled with uncertainty, fear and anxiety. What will it do next? Which direction will it go? What economic numbers will transpire that could provide some solace? Will it rally, or are we destined for a downward spiral?

No need to worry. The answers is out there. We have entered a bearish period. It is here and one thing is clear. Cash is king!

Bill Cara makes the call. More importantly, he takes issue with televisions economic talking heads.

"And as well the world now gets the chance to see how expert are these so-called experts and advisors, and how utterly awful some of them are."

"Yes, as I see it, the 2006 bear market has arrived. Unfortunately, the clowns you have been watching on Financial Entertainment TV will now show they are also market charlatans. Those people have no trading expertise whatsoever; their special expertise is in the art of communication – a worthy talent to be sure; but one that is not trading."
Bill adds more.
"And through this process, there is one thing I am sure of. It will become apparent to you starting today. You will see how intellectually dishonest are these talking heads who will now tell you it was they who warned you previously, who told you they were in cash, who called this bear market of 2006."
Here is what you should be looking for.

"Skilled traders will now wait until the emotional pendulum has swung fully to the bearish extreme, the torrent of rating downgrades to come from Wall Street, the flood of margin calls, and, finally, evidence of capitulation."

Take care and be careful. The sun is setting and it's time to watch where you are going.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Face of Europe

To the left is Paolo Di Canio, a star Italian Soccer player, giving a Nazi salute to his adoring fans. This is the face of Italian Soccer. No... Let me add that this is the face of European Soccer. The everpresent fascist screams from fans all around the continent has become an all too frequent sighting. And who is to stop it? Is it the soccer leagues responsibility to end this nonsense? Maybe, but will it help? Should the government step in and do something? Maybe, but will it stop? I would submit that the responsibility lays with the people of Europe. Do they have the moxie... No... Do they have the balls to stand up and disavow these people? Do they have the courage to walk up to these assholes and stop them?

Several days ago Bert commented on the desire of Nazi's to disrupt the World Cup. (BTW, I fell down laughing by his solution.) Then, by chance, I was watching ESPN as they ran a story about the rise of Nazi/ fascist attitudes at European soccer games. You should check it out when you have a chance.

What struck me as incredible is the seemingly passe attitude Europeans appear to have about this. As if it's no big deal. ESPN showed large crowds participating in Nazi salutes. Bananas are thrown at Black and African soccer players as screams of monkey reverberate throughout soccer games. Players from Central and South America are treated the same. Apparently, this is considered a sort of gamesmanship. A way to try to put the players on edge and find an advantage. But is this right? In some areas, fans will torment their own teams players for fun. Is that gamesmanship?

No. Its a sign of a moral and ethical failure in Europe and only the people themselves can stop it.

Let me add that if a large group of Nazi's, with their flags and salutes, showed up at a Raiders football game or at a Yankee Baseball game a riot is likely. And its not the Nazi's who would be walking away without scratches. I assure you that the fans themselves would put a stop to this behavior. Yes, America had segregation and slavery, but our society has learned to change, and it was painful-and continues to be. Nevertheless, America has come a long way. Europe still has far to go.

Overt racism and the European continents inhabitants unwillingness to stand up to this crap is foretelling. They still have not learned the lessons that brought the most destructive war to their continent this past century. It's as if they secretly condone these people. Afterall, silence is acceptance. As I heard once, all that is needed for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. So far, I don't see them doing anything.

Monday, June 05, 2006

It Can't Possibly Get Worse!

So... I'm sitting in my hotel room thinking about the past week. I've had a chance to lazily sit under the sun, view a dormant volcano, walk through a valley rain forest, relax in a peaceful stream and meet some interesting people. Basically, I've been living a dream-at least for the last week. But, all of this pales in comparison to the reality that exist in the American made war in Iraq.

Today, I finally decided to check out some international news and found a doozy that provides some perspective. Today, 56 Iraqis where kidnapped in Baghdad in one incredibly bold move- a move that is indicative of how bad it really is in Iraq.

The gunmen seized workers from several bus companies that offer transport to Syria and Jordan, witnesses and police said. Others of those taken were passengers aboard the buses: Syrian businessmen going home, a handful of Palestinians, Iraqis. Many Iraqis are leaving their own country precisely because it is the sort of place where a trip to the bus stop can end with being led away at gunpoint.

What a mess we've made.

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Maui Baby

Here is a brief video of a traditional Hawaiian dance that was at my hotel on Maui. I saw this on my first night at my hotel. Also, I have downloaded some pics from my trip and put them in my photoalbum. Check them out here

Below is a video of Haleakala on Maui. It's a volcanic landscape that looks like the moon.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Vince Welnick has become a comet traveling the stars

Goodbye Vince, you will be greatly missed. May your new journey be one of wonder.