Thursday, June 08, 2006

The International Bear Market of 2006

We are in a market filled with uncertainty, fear and anxiety. What will it do next? Which direction will it go? What economic numbers will transpire that could provide some solace? Will it rally, or are we destined for a downward spiral?

No need to worry. The answers is out there. We have entered a bearish period. It is here and one thing is clear. Cash is king!

Bill Cara makes the call. More importantly, he takes issue with televisions economic talking heads.

"And as well the world now gets the chance to see how expert are these so-called experts and advisors, and how utterly awful some of them are."

"Yes, as I see it, the 2006 bear market has arrived. Unfortunately, the clowns you have been watching on Financial Entertainment TV will now show they are also market charlatans. Those people have no trading expertise whatsoever; their special expertise is in the art of communication – a worthy talent to be sure; but one that is not trading."
Bill adds more.
"And through this process, there is one thing I am sure of. It will become apparent to you starting today. You will see how intellectually dishonest are these talking heads who will now tell you it was they who warned you previously, who told you they were in cash, who called this bear market of 2006."
Here is what you should be looking for.

"Skilled traders will now wait until the emotional pendulum has swung fully to the bearish extreme, the torrent of rating downgrades to come from Wall Street, the flood of margin calls, and, finally, evidence of capitulation."

Take care and be careful. The sun is setting and it's time to watch where you are going.


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