Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nazi's want to disrupt the World Cup

I hate Nazi's. I really hate them. Any time I read any thing about Nazi's, I just think to myself, man I just really hate these people. I hope that they are able to keep the World Cup safe for everyone, as how crazy would it be to have Nazi's put a damper on the festivities. Germany really needs to do something to curb the rise of extremists in that part of the world, as their 20th century resume is not to positive.

I am not sure of what the solution to this would be, but maybe we could take all the seal clubbers in Canada and give them a new purpose. How cool would it be to send a bunch of Canadian seal clubbers to Germany to club the Nazi's? We could solve two problems at once. The seals in Canada would not be clubbed, and we could watch cameras follow Canadians beating down Nazi's for sport. I would buy that on pay per view.

Elephants deserve to be treated properly

I wonder if any of the circus trainers would have liked being trained for their job with the use of chains, and sharp metal hooks. I'm not about to say I want animals, especially elephants, taken out of circus's completely, but one thing is for sure, the animals being made to perform are not being treated humanely. Why is it whenever it comes to animals, we seem to feel it is acceptable to treat them any way we see fit?

Hooks are not an acceptable way to train any animal. If you have to hurt the animal in any way to get it to do what you want, then you should get the picture, it's not meant to do what you are asking. I want to see a group of monkeys kidnap a circus trainer and beat him senseless to "train" him to do little monkey tricks. When he refuses to eat his own excrement, or pick and eat fleas off other monkeys, well see how much he likes being bit and scratched by angry screaming monkeys who want him to act a certain way.

I have had many animals in my life, and one thing I have learned from them, is they are all unique individual lives that have their own wants and needs. Some animals are natural performers, everything from birds to reptiles, to dogs. Other animals do not want to do anything but what they want at that particular moment. They are like us basically, some of us like to perform, others don't. No animal should be trained with force or coercion. If they want to play and do tricks, then so be it, put them in the circus.

but that does not mean take away everything it means to be the animal they are. There has to be a balance of doing the show, and being held in a wildlife type preserve with time to be the animals they are.

I am no expert, but I would see no reason why an animal that enjoys to perform could do a week or two of shows and then have three to five weeks in a preserve. If the animals are rotated enough, they can live long happy lives, and still perform. Obviously that is more money intensive than what they do now, and they would say that doing something of that nature would cost to much. We as a society need to decide, should our moral values towards animals be re-examined?

Time for a little "Dear Prudy"

I don't know, to shun you family member out of a child's life because they are gay is a bit extreme to me. How is it someone can take advantage of family in a place they want to go, but then later, shun family for belief's they have had no problem accepting when it was convenient. With all the nasty cruel people in this world, who cares if someone is gay, as long as they are good loving people, there should be no issue.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

On To The Wild Blue Yonder

It is vacation time! I'm headed out to relax and enjoy the great ocean waters and warm sandy beaches of Hawaii. Maui, Baby!

Man-O-Live! Do I need this. I plan on doing nothing but waking up and loafing around. I'm bringing two books with me. The first one is a giant biography on Ernesto Che Guevara which will probably occupy most of my reading time. Then, a book on the history of women in Baseball will be with me on my flight. I'm hoping there are some stories of the Bloomer Girl teams. It should be grand.

Besides, some time away from the everpresent ramblings of my friend Bert will do me some good. Staying away from the bad news of the day would do me even better. But... Unfortunately... It's unlikely I can stay away from the daily papers. I swear, though, I'm gonna try. Afterall, what could happen in a week? Right?

Ya know what? It's probably best not to ask that question. There is no need to bring out the Gods to rain down on my parade. So, I promise to post pics from time to time while I'm away, and, maybe, I'll get an itch and do some writing during any lag time. Maybe not. eh, I don't know. I'm sure Bert will more than entertain any of the folks who come along.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I love meat

I really do love meat, but I feel so bad about it sometimes. I am so far removed from the process that takes a live animal and turns it into dinner on my table. I have been hunting before, and shot various animals, but never for survival and necessity, which is why my hunting experience is limited. I have no problem with hunting, as long as what is killed is eaten, but a part of me reverts to a childhood place and says, you can't kill Bambi. Even the fact that many more people worldwide could be fed if we went to a vegetarian diet doesn't give me enough reason to want to stop eating meat.

It is just to damn good, I admit it, I'm addicted and I got to have my burgers. No matter how much my brain tells me I should be a vegetarian, that same mind is what gives me my greasy burger cravings. I know I should give up meat for a laundry list of reasons, health, environment, animal compassion, etc... But I am not going to do it, I even had chicken for dinner in Wade Boggs honor. Seeing as I will never give up meat, and I would love to be able to, I am all in favor of growing meat in labs.

We can do it, and it would be much safer in my opinion than the way we crowd animals in the nastiest conditions possible. We eat modified and enhanced meat now, and manipulated fruits and vegetables as it is, so who cares if our meat is grown in a lab? As long as it tastes like the real thing, and I'm not talking veggie meat type stuff, I'm all good with it. It would not only satisfy my craving for meat, it would also void the moral implications of all the animals that die for my enjoyment of their flesh.

Iraq, new Government, same old mess

I will say again, how many times can we be told Iraq is getting better? The reporters don't report on any of the good news in Iraq, because when they try, they get shot or killed or worse trying to find anything positive. Just another day filled with death in Iraq.

Xbox 360

Seeing as I am in a video game mode of thought, I wanted to post my praises of the Xbox 360. I never owned the original Xbox, as I was a die hard PS2 player. Since I have to wait for who knows how long for the PS3 to come out, my girlfriend broke down for me and picked me up the Xbox 360.

I have to say I really love it. The games are great, and the graphics are pretty impressive as well. If you like games, I would say the 360 is a console worth getting. Anyway, for those who love to play games, I will see you online gaming.

I guess Christian murder is all good

I found this great article through, and I really love how the religious right will condemn violent video games for their influence on America's youth, yet they will turn right around to develop an extremely violent video game were Christians get to kill non-believers. I think that the goals of the religious right are very much on display in this game.

I think they are starting to believe their own spin about video games. They say that violent video games are a direct cause for aggressive behavior from children, and that by stopping these games, our society will be a better place. However, I guess if the violence is directed at people who do not share the same belief system as these "moral" crusaders, then it is ok. When this game comes out late this year in time for Christmas, I wonder how many "moral" parents who deplore violent video games will run out to get this one for little Timmy.

Monday, May 29, 2006

If you are wounded, I will carry you;
If you are captured, I will come for you;
And, if you are killed, I will always remember you.

Motto: 3/5 Cavalry, Vietnam
"The Bastard Cav"

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it. -Tom Paine

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