Thursday, June 15, 2006

Drugs found in Home Depot bathroom vanity

Someone is going to be so mad that a vanity at a home depot was sold to obviously the wrong guy. Imagine the surprise of opening your brand new vanity only to find 40 pounds of pot!

Americas Galapagos

Bush is going to set aside some northern Hawaiian islands and reefs as a national monument. This will be the largest protected marine environment on the planet. I think this is just wonderful. At every turn, this administration does all possible to kill and destroy land that is so important to wildlife. Wildlife is an important part of our nation, as it represents a part of the reason why this nation is so beautiful. Any move to protect wild ecosytems or animals is a positive step which I support completely. Like Nixon, even Bush is able to accomplish a couple good things here and there, but like Nixon, the harm Bush has done will far outweigh the good.

Did we reach a milestone, or is it just a number?

U.S. Troop losses in Iraq have now reached 2,500 service men and women with 18,490 wounded. Tony Snow said this is just a number, but is that really the case. While it may just be a number, is there more to it. Is there a psychological association between the loss of troops, and how we are doing in Iraq? Do we as Americans see this number and take it as just a number, or as it climbs higher, does the public begin to loss it support for this War?

Whatever the number means, the fact is, there are 2,500 families that will never have loved ones come home. Three years into the Iraq War, and there appears to be no visible progress in that country. Is it right to leave our soldiers in a place that in the foreseeable future will not improve? Do we bring our troops home now, and leave Iraq in a virtual civil war with no end in sight, or do we leave them in country, to rack up more casualties to prop up a country that may have no interest in being stabilized?

In every war there is a point when historians can look back and say, that is were the war was clearly turned in our favor, or that is the point were we had clearly lost the ability to achieve the goals set out. I am not sure were we are with Iraq right now, but it is starting to look like if the country stabilizes, it will be a hard line Islamic Republic basically taking the lead from Iran.

If we end up with Iraq becoming a hard line Islamic Republic, then do we still say our soldiers did not die in vain? Like Kerry said in Vietnam, how do you tell the last soldier who dies, he died for a mistake? I am not sure of the answers on this, as if we pull out now, all we have done is destroy another country without putting it back together. If we stay, will any improvement ever be made? Will the mission be accomplished, or will we stagnate deeper into a civil war that we just can't control, losing more troops to a cause that is not able to be accomplished?

2,500 is not just a number, it represents how many brave U.S. service men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country and their fellow citizens. Would these 2,500 who died want us to keep the troops there to finish what they started and make their loss mean something important, or would they rather see their buddies sent home to live out their lives before they are killed in a war that did not begin with truth? At what point is the sacrifice no longer worth the human loss? The only ones who can answer that question are gone now, but it is a question that must be addressed. Whatever we do in Iraq, when it is all done and over with, the ones who will carry the scars our the soldiers, not those who sit and debate it back home.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So Bush went to Iraq

I guess Bush or his handlers still think these photo op "surprise" visits help the President's image. I however, just see these stunts as further proof, everything, and I mean everything they are saying about Iraq is a flat out lie. On the surface, they may seem like nothing more than Bush making a quick, and lets not forget, brave, trip to meet Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Yes I admit I had to cut and paste his name. Anyway, this quick "junket" is the window into a murky reality of both Bush and Iraq that raises many questions.

If Iraq is a sovereign nation, does Bush feel he now has the right, and is so welcome by other "sovereign" nations, he can just pop in like Erkle from next door? I guess the common courtesy of giving a bit of notice is no longer needed. Now if Bush has to quick like sneak in and out, does that mean the country is not quite as stable as they want us to believe? What is the real story here? Do we run the country, or is it a sovereign nation? Does the Iraqi elected Prime Minister have such little power, he does not need to be notified when foreign aircraft fly over his country? If Bush has such confidence in the progress of the situation in Iraq, why didn't he spend the night?

All I know for sure is, when Bush went to Iraq this time, all I could think of was the arrogance this man has. You would never see Bush just "drop" in on Putin. Which speaking of Putin, Bush looked him in the eyes as well, and you can see how that gut feeling went for Bush. The lies out of our current leadership continue to grow and fester, and at some point, they are going to catch up with Bush. I only hope in the interest of all involved, this country finds a way to quickly deal with the leadership problem that we are exporting world wide.

Here is a little historical image from another trip in June some 66 years ago.

Henry Rollins Loves Ann Coulter

In light of the crazy ramblings from a demented blonde republican weirdo we get to see a truly heartfelt video letter from Henry Rollins, former lead singer of punk rock group Black Flag, to Ann Coulter, the aforementioned demented blonde republican weirdo.

Update: Above Video Fixed and replaced with working video



Over the past couple of years I have, from time to time, collected notable quotes on my computer. I guess I have a strange idea about what is fun. Anyway, I came across a quote that I found very prescient. It's from Sinclair Lewis.
"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."
That's all. I just wanted to pass this quote along.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The End of Movement Conservatism?

It seems we may be in the midst of watching the demise of Movement Conservatism. Afterall, they have had near absolute control of every level of government, but have not seen the type of gains they have promised for all. Death by their own success? Josh Marshall provides a better explanation.

But let's be honest: Balanced budgets and shrinking the size of government hasn't been part of conservatism -- or to be more precise, Movement Conservatism -- for going on thirty years. The conservative movement and the Republican party are the movement and party of deficit spending. And neither has any claim to any real association with limited or small government. Just isn't borne out by any factual record or political agenda. Not in the Reagan presidency, the Bush presidency or the second Bush presidency. The intervening period of fiscal restraint comes under Clinton.

Take the movement on its own terms and even be generous about it. What's it about? And has it delivered?

Aggressive defense policy? Check.

Privatization of government services? Check.

Regulatory regimes favoring big business? Check.

Government support for traditional mores and values on sex and marriage? Check.

That about covers it. And Bush has delivered. The results just aren't good.

It's the Economy, Stupid

Lately, I've been focused on economic news and the recent developments that are driving the current marketplaces. It sure has been volatile.

For months now I have been on the sidelines watching the market. I've been holding my portfolio primarily in cash- and I'm glad I did. My problem is that one day I'll be Bullish, but then the next day I'm Bearish. I guess you can say I'm on the fence. Thankfully, I have finally found a voice in the wilderness- a voice who appears to have a pretty good grasp on the current market machinations. Read Bill Cara's recent story: "Why Investors Worry About Bernanke." It's a good read. And be forewarned- Rough Seas are Ahead.