Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"You're either for us or against your country."

Billmon does it again. Read him, you just should:

Reminds me of a scene from an even better black comedy:

"Won't you fight for your country?" Colonel Korn demanded, emulating Colonel Cathcart's harsh, self-righteous tone. "Won't you give up your life for Colonel Cathcart and me?"

Yossarian tensed with alert astonishment when he heard Colonel Korn's concluding words. "What's that?" he exclaimed. "What have you and Colonel Cathcart got to do with my country? You're not the same."

"How can you separate us?" Colonel Korn inquired with ironical tranquility . . . "You're either for us or against your country. It's as simple as that."

Joseph Heller


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