Monday, May 22, 2006

The Greatest Song Ever!!!

Please indulge me as I go on a tangent and introduce the greatest American song. "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." It is heard thousands of times every summer as crowds stand up in approval and sing in unison. Even the shy among us will sing with the loudest voice! We all do it. We all love it. We all look forward to it. It's like an opera breaks out during a sporting event. Nowhere in sports does the entire crowd, and I mean everybody, stand up and sing a song together. Unity at its best. Shared pride rings out true and unwavering. It's marvelous and incredible! Stupendous and remarkable! Unbelievable and awesome! It's why baseball is the greatest game in the world!

Below is a YouTube video I put together last night. The seventh inning stretch recorded on a sullen Sunday afternoon in a game between the Dodgers and Angels. It's making me tear just thinking about it.



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