Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And the prosecutors Keep Marching On

Amazingly enough, we are seeing the outcome of the hard work the Justice Department, Federal Inspectors and the various state level prosecutors have done. They deserve our continued thanks for doing the peoples work

Today we hear that Tom Noe plans to change his previous plea of not guilty in the Coingate scandal in Ohio. The HUD Inspector General has opened up an investigation into HUD Secretary Kenneth Jackson. By all accounts, Karl Rove is headed towards an indictment. Libby has been already indicted. Randy Cunningham has just been given a public warning that could lead to a reversal of his plea deal and bring new formal charges for not cooperating with investigators in the DC prostitution scandal. Remember, his plea deal in incumbent on him spilling the beans on everything! The CIA chief and his #3 man, Foggo, resign as bribery and prostitution hits the headlines. Abramoff is tied in with just about every scandal- SunCruise Oceanliners and the mob, the Marianna Islands and forced prostitution/abortions, the New Hampshire election phone jamming scandal and White House links, Coingate in Ohio and the blatant stealing from Native Americans under the guise of a lobbying effort. William Jefferson (a Democrat) is caught red handed with his hand in the cookie jar. FEMA employees currently under investigation for bribery in relation to the Katrina rebuilding effort. The Conditional Provisional Authority, in charge of Federal contracting dollars in Iraq, is headed towards the largest bribe and graft scandal in American history. And there is more! So much more, its almost impossible to remember them all.

We have always known that politics was corrupt. Afterall, power, any power, is a corrupting force. But I got to commend these Bush Republicans. They take cheating to an all new level.


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