Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wow, You Learn Something New Everyday

I've been sitting quietly observing the recent anti-immigrant brouhaha, from the minutemen to politicians spouting off pre-election vitriol. And, as I expected, a little bit of history finds a way of creeping in. Apparently, in 1919 the U.S. Bureau of Education commissioned a Spanish version of “The Star Spangled Banner. ” Check out a scan at the Library of Congress. Think Progress has more. Senator Alexander eat your heart out!

Ya know. I've never understood the pack rat mentality of the numerous xenophobic movements I have seen and experienced in my short 33 years on this earth. It's almost as if it is a right of passage every immigrant must endure, and a right nativist feel they must inflict on future new Americans.

"Welcome!" They scream. "Welcome to the land of opportunity and freedom! Now go fuck yourself! You goddamn foreigner!"

What causes this psychosis? What causes people to turn off their own inescapable ability for compassion? What is it about being a nativist that makes you feel justified in doing so?


Blogger Muse said...

there's a legal way to go about being a citizen. Can't say we've treated illegal immigrants too badly. We provide free medical services, jobs, education and government services that allow them to live in mexico and drive to the border where the mailboxes are and collect their check.

5:30 PM  
Blogger ernest said...

OK... don't you get it. These protest are a result of the constant immigrant bashing. It was all over the TV. The minutemen and their spokesman screaming from a mighty perch. TV anchors making it the theme of the hour. Politicians trying to parlay this into votes for the next election. It was really only a matter of time before they decided to stand up and defend themselves. What... do you expect them to keep their mouths shut.

Congress wanted to make assisting illegals a crime. Such as criminalizing the immigrant services provided by the Catholic Church. Or doctors who provide free clinical examinations. They wanted to criminalize their good works. So you see, as they say- "they broke the camels back."

So, now if you think they where going to stick their tails between their legs then you don't understand the potential groundswell of political activism that exist within the Mexican, Central & South American communities. Leaders where created by these marches.

Now, to go back to your point. I think its interesting that you would remark that they get all these things so why are they whining. Maybe you haven't realized that the laborers are pissed at being stepped on. They are demanding respect because, obviously, their hard work (and it is hard work) isn't enough to prove their worth. You folks kept wanting to twist that knife.

8:37 PM  
Blogger ernest said...

Hey Muse.. you know what.. your our very first commentor.. thank you.. and welcome!

8:45 PM  
Blogger ernest said...

Hey Muse.. you know what.. your our very first commentor.. thank you.. and welcome!

8:46 PM  

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